About Encompass Communications

Encompass Communications is a well-established supplier of prepaid long distance and a multitude of other prepaid services. Encompass supplies their long distance service primarily with the distribution of phone cards, conferencing products, and POSA terminal programs. Encompass helps develop and build opportunities for those who want to be in the prepaid business.

Company History

Encompass is part of a group of privately held communications companies in business since 1988 with a proven track record of financial stability and success that offers peace of mind to its’ customers.


Encompass Communications, L.L.C. is FCC licensed and holds tariffs in all required states and is fully compliant with all taxes, including the Universal Service Fees.

Encompass Mission

The Encompass mission is to develop and market high quality telephony products in a manner consistent with our company's assets and resources. Our goal is to profitably serve and retain our customer base by delivering products with the highest standards of quality, reliability and flexibility in the industry. We will work to exceed the expectations of customers and employees, maintain customer satisfaction, and continually elevate the standards of our industry.