No PINs - Streamlined LD

SimpleLD has simplified the process of prepaid long distance by eliminating PINs and card inventory. Customers need only to register their phone number to use.


High residuals and incentives

Retailers are able to generate income with out lifting a finger through unlimited $5 bonuses for each new account activation, "Follow Me" commissions and ecommerce residuals


Freebies for consumers

Consumers are able to receive freebies and bonuses as customers to your PINless portal including a $2 free trial of talk time and $5 referral bonuses


Customizable to your brand

Our team of designers will customize your portal and adhere to your company's brand guidelines, colors and logo


Buy blocks of long distance

Our customizable international calling plans let your customers choose exactly how much talk time they want to purchase.


Account Management Tools

Our online portal makes it easy to manage consumer's long distance calling account including registering numbers, looking up call history and setting speed dial.